7 Spooky Books to Read This Halloween

Lifestyle / Friday, October 27th, 2017

Ever since I was a kid and read Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, I’ve been hooked on spooky tales. Mystery, suspense, psychological thriller, unusual and unexplained, urban legends, and ghosts have kept me in the scary stacks of the bookstore and library for years. I love the thrill a frightening tale can give you. An adrenaline rush fueled by your imagination is like no other. And the book is always better than the movie.

7 Spooky Books to Read This Halloween | Cathedrals and Cafes Blog

I crafted a list of 7 books to get you in the spooky spirit. From classic to contemporary, mysteries to monsters, these tales are perfect for October BOO-k clubs. Speaking of, I wanted to share my cozy book club outfit. I love snuggling in for a night of sharing stories, but I can’t just live in my PJ’s (although, wouldn’t that be fun?). This cold-should top is anything but frigid. It’s super soft and feels great with leggings. I dressed it up a bit with suede over-the-knee boots. A good friend of mine gave me this cute canvas tote that pretty much sums me up. I managed to get Bella to reluctantly pose with me, but she was more interested in the smells on our doormat. Such a silly girl.

7 Spooky Books to Read This Halloween | Cathedrals and Cafes Blog

7 Spooky Books to Read This Halloween | Cathedrals and Cafes Blog

S H O P  this  L O O K

Top | Leggings (similar here) | Boots (under $80) | Tote (similar here and here)


7 Spooky Books to Read This Halloween | Cathedrals & Cafes Blog | In The Lake of The Woods BookIn The Lake of The Woods by Tim O’Brien

Obsession, love, passion…murder? A U.S. senate candidate and Vietnam Veteran rents a cabin with his wife to ride out recent political backlash stemming from an incident he was involved in during the war. Within a few days his wife goes mysteriously missing, and search parties descend upon the lake. Flashbacks mix with reality. Everyone tries desperately to find her. Only the murky depths of the lake may reveal what really happened.




7 Spooky Books to Read This Halloween | Cathedrals & Cafes Blog | Rooms BookRooms by Lauren Oliver

A wealthy man dies and his dysfunctional family arrives for their inheritance. The only problem is that they aren’t alone. Long-dead former residents of the house inhabit the walls, intermingling with the living as creaks in the stairs and hisses of the radiator. One member of the family starts unexpectedly communicating with a new ghost who appears without warning. Slowly the spirits reveal why they are bound to the house as family secrets of the living are also exposed in this dark and mysterious tale.



7 Spooky Books to Read This Halloween | Cathedrals & Cafes Blog | The Monster of Florence BookThe Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston

One of the most notorious (and still unidentified) serial killers, The Monster of Florence, wreaked havoc in the scenic hills of Florence by targeting couples parked in cars. When the author moves his family to Florence and discovers that the olive grove in front of their farmhouse was the scene of one of the gruesome murders, he starts an investigation of his own. It’s a true story of his journey to find the identity of the killer, with a crazy path through Italy’s criminal justice system. Even the author is accused at one point. Perfect for true crime fans.



7 Spooky Books to Read This Halloween | Cathedrals & Cafes Blog | Night Film BookNight Film by Marisha Pessl

The body of a beautiful young woman is found in an abandoned warehouse. At first her death is ruled a suicide but an investigative journalist isn’t convinced. Through his research he discovers she is the daughter of a reclusive noir filmmaker. The world of his films is shrouded in mystery and some even speculate that nothing is acted, but rather the torture scenes are real. Is his daughter’s death related? It’s a mystery that takes you into a very unsettling world.



7 Spooky Books to Read This Halloween | Cathedrals & Cafes Blog | The Devil in the White City BookThe Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America by Erik Larson

The story of H.H. Holmes, a doctor and serial murderer who tortured and killed his victims in his “World’s Fair Hotel.” Set during the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, this chilling tale has a cast of real characters, making it that much more frightening. Some even speculated that Holmes was actually Jack The Ripper, having moved on from London to the Windy City to commit his crimes. It’s magic, mayhem, and mystery.




7 Spooky Books to Read This Halloween | Cathedrals & Cafes Blog | Mr. Mercedes BookMr. Mercedes by Stephen King

This is the first of a trilogy and we just recently watched the mini series, which is also quite good. A killer puts on a clown mask and then runs down a crowd of people waiting in line at a job fair with a stolen Mercedes, killing dozens in his path. The detective on the case retires before uncovering the killer’s identity. When the owner of that stolen Mercedes commits possible suicide, the detective revisits the case, getting frighteningly close to the killer himself. It’ll make you think twice about your neighbors…you never know what people are up to in their basements.



7 Spooky Books to Read This Halloween | Cathedrals & Cafes Blog | Rebecca BookRebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

Finally, I had to put this haunting classic on the list. I could re-read it every year. A rich and handsome widower seduces a young orphaned lady’s maid. What at first seems like a fairy tale and dream come true later becomes a nightmare, when the first Mrs. De Winter makes her presence known from beyond the grave. The housekeeper keeps her suite completely preserved, as if she’ll return at any moment. What happened to her? Why is there so much mystery surrounding her death? Is the young bride in danger herself?



What are some of your favorite scary stories?

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  1. Rebecca is one of my all time favorites! I remember going to check it out in high school and the librarian spookily quoted the first line of the book! Chills…

    1. That first line is haunting!! Such a creepy classic! I’m glad you stopped by to check out the reading list! Let me know what you think of the others and if you have any other spooky favorites! 🙂

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