Have your Rosé and Enjoy It Too with DrinkAde

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Hey party people, or people like me who party until 9pm – ha! A couple weeks ago I posted on Instagram stories about DrinkAde, a product that was sent to me to try and review for you. The team over at DrinkAde reached out to me to try their Prevention supplement and I was a little intrigued, especially as it promises to rehydrate your body and help you feel great even when you’ve celebrated a bit too much. How can you have your rose and enjoy it too? Is there such a thing as too much rose? My heart says no but my head has other plans.

DrinkAde provided me with some samples in exchange for my honest review, and as you know, I’ll only review products that I feel are actually applicable to you, my readers. All opinions are my own.

Have Your Rosé and Enjoy It Too with DrinkAde

Have Your Rosé and Enjoy It Too with DrinkAde

Have Your Rosé and Enjoy It Too with DrinkAde

Have Your Rosé and Enjoy It Too with DrinkAde

Have Your Rosé and Enjoy It Too with DrinkAde

What is DrinkAde

DrinkAde is marketed as a healthy hangover prevention drink. It has a concentration of electrolytes, vitamins including B1, B2, B6 and B12. It’s also sugar free, gluten free, and only 5 calories. The Prevention supplement is limeade flavored and comes in a 3.4 ounce size, making it the perfect TSA approved carry-on size (I’ll be bringing a bottle or two to Las Vegas with me next month).

Why I Tried DrinkAde

I am the most skeptical person when it comes to any product of this nature. From energy drinks to supplements, I’m usually more inclined to think they have placebo effects, i.e. the belief that it’s working makes you feel better rather than the product itself. I’m more inclined to believe it’s a gimmick.

But, given that I suffer from headaches (and if you suffer from them too then you understand), I will give pretty much anything a good try if it means I can enjoy my wine in peace. I don’t drink to excess and I never drink with the purpose of getting drunk. I would never advocate for that either. But I do know that my body needs to stay really hydrated while celebrating (even with a glass or two) and I don’t always remember to drink water simultaneously with my wine. So I thought I would give DrinkAde a try.

My Results with DrinkAde

I drank one 3.4 ounce bottle before having a few glasses of rose. I didn’t notice any immediate effects, but that’s to be expected. The limeade flavor wasn’t bad and it’s a small amount to drink. I then proceeded like I always do and enjoyed my Friday night.

The results? No headache the next morning, which is what I typically experience. The next weekend I repeated the process, drank the same rose (and same amount), and did not have DrinkAde. I had a headache the next morning. Coincidence? Maybe, but I’m a little hopeful that DrinkAde made the difference. This is by no means a scientific experiment, but I did notice that my head felt clear and there was no headache pain. I actually felt pretty good!

I few years ago I tried a B vitamin injection while getting a flu shot. The nurse told me that a lot people get B shots and that you can notice a difference in your overall energy level. And I did. I wasn’t feeling as fatigued as I had after having the B vitamin shot. Being that DrinkAde has a concentration of B vitamins, I think that that’s possibly what made the difference for me here as well.

I’ve been peppering in some DrinkAde here and there the last few weeks, and I have to be honest, I think something in it has helped. At least for me. Everyone is different, so you find what works for you.

Ideas for Using DrinkAde

DrinkAde is a great addition to your bar cart. Guests can grab one as they mix up an aperitif.

Add DrinkAde to your carry-on bag. As I mentioned, I’ll be packing a couple when we go to Las Vegas in a few weeks. Mostly because I know we will be up later than usual and I think the B vitamins will come in handy to keep my energy up. The added benefit of hydration is a bonus.

DrinkAde makes a nice addition to bachelorette party swag bags or adult party favors. Think about birthdays or New Years Eve, too.

Keep DrinkAde in your beach or pool bag where sun, sand, and chlorine can really dehydrate you.

Have you tried DrinkAde? What do you think about nutritional aids like this?

Have Your Rosé and Enjoy It Too with DrinkAde

A special thank you to DrinkAde for sponsoring this post!

Thank you so much for reading and sharing!

XO – Erin

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