C&C Summer Recap 2017

A plate of charcuterie with two glasses of white wine and a knitted blanket

How does everyone feel now that summer is over? Is it a collective groan or an enthusiastic cheer? I always have mixed emotions when summer comes to an end. There’s just something about the carefree vibe that summer brings. It’s all baseball and swimming pools, staying up late and movie marathons, and outdoor concerts with a bottle of rosé.

I do look forward to the fall and holiday seasons though, and I pretty much tire out of the summer heat. At this point in the year I’m ready to snuggle under a blanket in front of our outdoor fireplace. In lieu of doing a monthly recap for June to August, I decided a full summer recap of what’s been going on in the world of Cathedrals and Cafes might be better. So here’s a look at what’s been happening around here.

I spent a few days in June with my mom in California. We stayed in Carmel and San Francisco and had the best mother-daughter trip you could possibly have. I even decided to do an Eat+Stay+Play travel guide with our 5 day itinerary. Read it here. We also discovered a new favorite winery, Folktale, and joined their wine club. You can read all about our magical experience at this amazing boutique vineyard here.

The Lone Cypress tree with crashing waves in Pebble Beach California

A pair of wine glasses filled with chardonnay at Folktale Winery in Carmel California

A long red pier along the San Fransisco coast by the Golden Gate Bridge in California

A view of the Golden Gate Bridge with sail boats passing underneath

An historic Powell & Hyde Trolley at Fisherman's Wharf in San Fransisco California

My husband and I spent the first two weeks of July soaking up the mediterranean sun in Greece. Athens, Mykonos, Naxos, and Santorini were all amazing. We will definitely be going back to Greece. All of my Greek travel guides can be found on my Eat+Stay+Play Travel Guides Page. It was so difficult to choose a favorite island, but I know for sure we will return to Vencia Boutique Hotel in Mykonos for the incredible pool views.

Erin from Cathedrals and Cafes Blog poses on a stone stairway walking down to Mykonos Town in Greece

Pink flowers hang over a blue door in Mykonos Greece

Erin from Cathedrals and Cafes blog poses below blue window shutters in Mykonos Greece

A row of wooden lounge beds sit empty on a Naxos beach in Greece

Erin from Cathedrals and Cafes blog lounges in a white bikini aboard the catamaran Danae from Naxos Yachting

We celebrated 11 years of wedded bliss! It sounds corny but it’s truly been the best journey with my best friend!

Erin from Cathedrals and Cafes blog with her husband in front of two blue domed buildings in Santorini Greece

We squeezed in some lake time with good friends and even brought our fur babies along. Our Labrador retriever can’t get enough water time.

A yellow labrador retriever wearing a dog life vest swims in Medina Lake, Texas

The fall is going to be just as busy, between travel for work and the holiday season. But we do have a few fun weekend trips planned that I’ll be sharing soon. What is your favorite part of summer? Which season do you like best?

As always, thank you for reading!

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