Holiday Gift Guide For Him

Holiday Gift Guide For Him _Cathedrals and Cafes Blog _ Gifts _ Gifts for Guys _ Christmas _ Gift Guide

Welcome to the second of my holiday gift guides! Creating these guides has me in the Christmas spirit like nothing else (ok maybe if you added some hot cocoa, comfy pjs, and some Christmas music, too)!  If you missed my first gift guide, you can check it out HERE. Also, I created a page called Holiday 2017 under the Style menu above where I’ll be posting all the gift collages linked to their posts.

Finding a great gift for the men in your life can be so hard, especially when he seems to have everything. My husband is the best when it comes to thoughtful gifts, and I always try to reciprocate. Emphasis on try because he never wants me to get him anything! I have to be a little sneaky and just surprise him, but that’s fun too.

For this gift guide I consulted my husband for things that he would love to receive. I can honestly say that he already has a few of these items, so I included them because I know how much he loves them.

Holiday Gift Guide For Him _Cathedrals and Cafes Blog _ Gifts _ Gifts for Guys _ Christmas _ Gift Guide

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1 – Every man should have a nice watch. You don’t want him to be late for your anniversary dinner, so help him out with this gorgeous timepiece. Digital watches are cool but a traditional watch is classic. I love the face and the leather strap on this one.

2 – A nice bottle of bourbon deserves a nice glass to drink it from. This pair is freezable so you can sip without ice watering it down. We can’t have enough of these glasses in our house.

3 – Get him kiss-worthy under the mistletoe with this super soft shaving brush made from 100% natural badger hair.

4 – Fun socks are great for stockings or paired with #11 as a two-piece gift. My husband loves funky socks. He has to be in business dress everyday and fun printed socks are one way he can have a little fun with his outfit.

5 – This watch winder and valet combo hits the mark on form and function. He can keep all his accessories secure in one place.

6 – For the man who’s handy in the kitchen. This cookbook is a treasure trove of recipes. If you’ve never been to an Eataly before, this book is the next best thing.

7 – I love a guy who smells good and this cologne smells amazing. I would love a candle in a matching scent, too.

8 – Every man should own at least one pair of cuff links in his life. You could pair them with a nice french cuff shirt and be done. Cuff links are a great way for a man to express himself (like the socks I suggested) and still maintain a polished and professional look. This pair is a fun throwback and maybe the only way to enjoy video games at work.

9 – For a gadget guy these headphones are amazing. They use bluetooth technology to connect to your devices so there are no wires and there’s even a mic to take phone calls.

10 – He won’t need to know how to tie a bow tie with this one. It’s pre-tied and handmade using sustainably sourced peacock and pheasant feathers. It’s a conversation piece perfect for holiday parties.

11 – One of the first things I notice in a man’s wardrobe are his shoes. A good quality pair of dress shoes are a must. My husband swears by these and wears them just about every day. They’re great for slacks and button-downs but also look really polished with dark jeans.

I hope this list helps give you some ideas of what to get the men in your life this holiday!

xo – Erin

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