Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Moms

Holiday Gift Guide For Dog Moms _Cathedrals and Cafes Blog _ Gifts _ Gifts for Dogs _ Christmas _ Gift Guide

This is my third holiday gift guide and it’s all about dog moms and their fur babies. You can see my other gift guides HERE and click on the collage image to get to the post. I’ve linked all the gifts in the blog posts for easy shopping! We have had such a fun week […]

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Must Try Sheet Mask

Garnier Sheet Masks Review | Cathedrals and Cafes Blog | Facial | Skincare | Mask | Beauty Mask | Beauty Blog

I am finally back with another beauty post after what seems like forever. I know I’ve said this before, but I really do intend on including more posts like this. I’ve been so busy with work and traveling lately, that I haven’t made time for any special pampering outside my usual routine. But now that […]

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Holiday Gift Guide For Him

Holiday Gift Guide For Him _Cathedrals and Cafes Blog _ Gifts _ Gifts for Guys _ Christmas _ Gift Guide

Welcome to the second of my holiday gift guides! Creating these guides has me in the Christmas spirit like nothing else (ok maybe if you added some hot cocoa, comfy pjs, and some Christmas music, too)!  If you missed my first gift guide, you can check it out HERE. Also, I created a page called […]

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An Architectural Tour of Chicago

An Architectural Tour of Chicago | Cathedrals and Cafes Blog

As I work through my Chicago travel guide (coming soon), I keep reviewing the photos I took of the incredible architecture. It seems that on every corner of the city there are towering examples of sleek modernity next to stately edifices that could house the likes of Jay Gatsby. Gilded bronze, steel, granite and marble […]

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Holiday Gift Guide: Best Boots under $100

Holiday Gift Guide | Best Boots | Chicago | Cathedrals and Cafes Blog

Let’s talk shoes. It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I have a serious addiction problem love of shoes. Just ask my husband. Wait, maybe don’t do that. I honestly can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t love shopping for new shoes, especially boots. I have a collection of riding […]

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Eat+Stay+Play: Ultimate Weekend Guide to Vegas

Eat+Stay+Play- Ultimate Weekend Guide to Vegas

Friday seems like the perfect day of the week for a travel post about Las Vegas. It’s my favorite day of the week so to celebrate I give you my ultimate Vegas weekend guide! Before continuing, be sure to pop over to my post about why I choose to go to Las Vegas every year […]

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October 2017 Round-Up

Coffee cup art | Dollop Coffee Co| Chicago | Cathedrals and Cafes Blog

Happy Halloween, everyone! Are you trick-or-treating, handing out handy, watching the World Series, or all of the above? We will be handing out candy, binge watching Stranger Things season 2 and checking the game (Go Astros!). We hope to have some kiddos come by this year. The last couple of years we have had one […]

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7 Spooky Books to Read This Halloween

7 Spooky Books to Read This Halloween | Cathedrals and Cafes Blog

Ever since I was a kid and read Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, I’ve been hooked on spooky tales. Mystery, suspense, psychological thriller, unusual and unexplained, urban legends, and ghosts have kept me in the scary stacks of the bookstore and library for years. I love the thrill a frightening tale can give […]

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Embracing Embroidery: The 4-Trends-in-1 Dress

Embracing Embroidery: The 4-Trends-in-1 Dress | Cathedrals and Cafes Blog

Slowly but surely we are getting some Fall-ish weather and it’s been amazing! I love seeing the wooded area behind our house change from green to golden hues. We have so much wildlife around us and sometimes I like to just walk among the trees and take it in. It’s hard to believe we live […]

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C&C Instagram Recap 10.20.17

Fall leaves London

On Mondays I feel like the weekend is so far away and then Friday gets here and I’m all, where’d the week go? After coming down from a pretty fun birthday week and major Vegas high (read my post about why I always choose Vegas for my birthday) my husband and I faced a rather […]

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