Finding the Sticking Place

Lifestyle / Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Setting goals has to be one of the hardest things to do. It always reminds me of setting a New Year’s resolution. I’m petrified of not achieving them and I put tremendous pressure on myself.

Analysis of my goals is a constant in my professional life. Now that I’m also juggling, and really enjoying my blogging life, I started thinking about what I want to achieve with my blog and where I want it to go. I dove into personal blogging last year and I’m really glad I finally did. Some days I think I’m getting the hang of it but then I see what other bloggers are doing (and it’s amazing) and I start to question myself. Actually most days I’m not even sure if anyone is reading this or if I’m just sending ramblings out into the ether. Cue Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb.

So I took a step back and started coming up with some goals just for me. And I didn’t stop with the blogging goals. I started thinking about other aspects of my life right now and came up with blogging, fitness, and personal things to work on. It’s a start and not too overwhelming. If anything, I’ll inspire my readers to do the same. So let’s tighten up our courage and get it done!

Blogging Goals

+Content planning – I really need a separate blogging calendar. Can anyone recommend calendars/planners/organizers that they use? 

+Photography – I am in the market for a new DSLR camera and I’d like to sign up for a photography class to elevate my amateur status just a bit.

+Selfies and photos – It’s not in my nature to feel comfortable in front of the camera but I’m working on it.

Fitness Goals

+Exercise – I’ve used a Fitbit tracker for a few years now and I love how easy it is to keep challenging myself. Right now I’m exercising M-F and taking the weekends off. Obviously.

+Yoga and stretching – I used to do yoga quite a bit in college but that was many moons ago. I really enjoyed it and would like to add it back in maybe 2-3 times per week. 

+Food – Just say no to barcodes. I’m trying to eat more foods in their natural state, which means trying to avoid anything that comes in a package. My husband and I are focused on getting a little more creative with vegetable preparation and variety.

Personal Goals

+Technology – I’d like to work on disconnecting more. How is this possible when running a blog? I would love to hear from some other bloggers about how they balance their blogging life with everything else. Are there any productivity tools, apps, or software that you would recommend to blog smarter not harder?

+The Mr. – I have the most amazing husband. He supports me in everything I want to do, even when I ask him to take endless pictures of me for the blog. Without his support I don’t think I would have the courage to try new ventures like this one. So I’m going to do more to thank him for that.

Ready, set, let’s do this!

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