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I think it’s fair to say the shopping season is officially upon us (BTW, you can easily shop all my holiday gift guides HERE). Did you take advantage of any Black Friday sales? I picked up a couple things online and didn’t actually go anywhere all weekend. It was so nice to have 4 days of relaxing at home. I ended up being a little sick on Thanksgiving, so we didn’t travel to the big family shindig this year. But my sweet husband cooked up a little Thanksgiving dinner for two and it was just the most perfect day. We put our Christmas tree up once I started to feel better. I love unwrapping each ornament and reminiscing on the memory it represents. I pick up ornaments from every place we travel. When you’ve been to 20 countries and numerous cities here in the states, your collection gets pretty impressive. I love that our tree tells a story.

Travel is a huge part of our life and I enjoy sharing all the travel tips I can with you. We try to pack as light as possible, but there are some things that we never leave home without. I put together a gift guide full of items that we regularly use for the savvy traveler or even the novice. Everything is linked below for easy shopping for the traveler on your list!

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1 – Not only do we have this exact bag, but we also have the luggage and a backpack. I cannot say enough great things about this brand. The investment is completely worth it. It is slash-proof, has RFID protection, lockable straps, and concealable zippers. You’ll always have peace of mind in busy streets, train stations, and touristy areas. It’s large enough to hold your camera, personal items, souvenirs, travel books, water bottle, and more. Highly recommend!

2 – Always remember to drink lots of water when you travel. Planes are very dehydrating and sometimes the tap water isn’t safe to drink. Rather than buying small plastic water bottles over and over, we purchase one or two large bottles and refill these water bottles before heading out for the day. You can also put wine in these for picnics. They’re insulated, durable, and look pretty good, too.

3 – I love to keep a journal when we travel and this one is beautiful. I make notes about what we did each day and sometimes include little sketches. It’s so much fun to go back and read later. Investing in a leather bound book turns a notebook into an instant keepsake for years to come.

4 – Whether it’s bright cabin lights or jetlag that gets you, a good eye mask is essential. This one doesn’t press down on your lids yet still blocks light effectively.

5 – An oversized scarf doubles as a throw on chilly planes and trains. I’ve also used mine to cover shoulders or wrap around my legs as a skirt before going into cathedrals. This one is super soft and the neutral tones go with anything.

6 – We love bringing a bluetooth speaker everywhere we go. Load up your phone with your favorite playlists and listen at the beach or on your balcony over wine. There are certain songs that will always remind me of Paris because of our little speaker. This one is also waterproof.

7 – Form meets function with this matching passport and luggage tag. My luggage tag doubles as a bag identifier and I can easily spot my passport in my bag when it’s in a brightly patterned case.

8This travel cord roll is a must! It keeps all your cords in one easy to grab place without any of the frustrating tangles.

9 – I always travel with facial cleansing cloths and these are my favorite. Not only are they great for quick makeup removal, but I always use one on the plane after a transatlantic flight. My skin feels refreshed after a quick wipe using these, and if need be you can clean your tray table, too.

10 – A wet bikini bag is essential for beach vacations. There have been times when my suit just wasn’t quite dry enough to place directly into my suitcase. This one could even double as a clutch.

11This product pairs well with number 9. This one is TSA-approved and travel size. In addition to drinking lots of water, your skin needs replenishment. It’s paraben free and not only hydrates but can also help remove sweat or pool chlorine.

12 – I survived two weeks in Italy with just a carryon bag because of these packing cubes. You’ll be amazed at how much you can stuff into your bag.

13 – Crowded airports mean equally crowded charging stations. Portable power to the rescue!

14 – My husband and I have watched movies and listened to music together because of a headphone splitter. We’ve also shared Rick Steeve’s audio walking tours this way. Get this one and stash it in your travel cord roll.

15 – By now just about everyone has a travel pillow. But every time I see someone with their travel pillow clipped to their suitcase or backpack, I cringe. I can’t stop thinking about all the germs it’s attracting whenever you set your bag down. I use this travel pillow because it’s inflatable. I can blow it up quickly to however firm or soft I want and then I can pack it away for safe keeping. It’s also really soft and has a little pocket that I keep my eye mask in.

I hope this gift guide helps you with the traveler on your list!

xo – Erin

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