How to Best Preserve Your Travel Photos

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Whenever we travel I tend to take upwards of a thousand photos in a two week period, sometimes more. Is that a lot? Thank God for digital cameras and large SD cards! Although not every shot is frame-worthy, the process of taking photos and finding creative ways to compose a picture are really fun. Several years ago I started preserving our memories into photo books and the more I did it, the more I realized hey, these would make great coffee table books.

Consider the typical coffee table book – thick, glossy-paged creations that look effortlessly stylish when stacked on bookshelves and end tables. Heavy on the inspiration and usually the price tag as well. I started thinking of our own photos and it became less about putting together an album and more about creating a piece of art. I still include funny candids and photos of food (I’m notorious for taking a ton of shots of my meal while my husband gently reminds me that my food is getting cold). But I love the fact that I can create my own photo-rich coffee table books that are more personal and for about the same price if not less than something I would purchase at the bookstore and may rarely open.

My favorite online tool for creating my photo books is Shutterfly. I’ve tried some others and keep coming back to it. I’ve never had an issue with quality and they are usually running a great deal. There was one instance where I never received my photo book due to a mistake with the Postal Service and Shutterfly rushed a new book to me at no charge. I also find their online tools easy to manipulate and they have really fun templates and stickers, although I usually just go for a traditional black and white background.

Our photo books are incredible keepsakes that I know we will cherish forever, and I don’t have to worry about the photos fading or getting lost over time. I do have just about endless cloud storage for all our digital photos, but I still love holding an actual book in my hands.

What are some of your favorite ways to preserve your memories?

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