Peggy’s On The Green Is On The Mark

Restaurants / Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

What defines an exceptional dining experience? Our weekend visit to Peggy’s On The Green in Boerne, Texas provided just that definition. It was a rainy day and we had spent most of it fighting the retail crowds and running errands. Nothing sounded better than an early dinner of comfort food and a great cocktail. Peggy’s accommodated in a fashion that felt more celebratory in nature than the rather ordinary day we were having.

I cannot say enough positive things about our experience. From beginning to end, there was no detail that we felt wasn’t extremely special. We arrived at four o’clock and began the evening in the bar. I immediately loved the soft amber light of it’s warmly lit parlor that feels reminiscent of a French country farmhouse mixed with the familiarity of a central Texas hunting lodge. Opening just last year in the Kendall Inn, a 19th century stagecoach stop, Peggy’s interior certainly pays homage to the building’s Texas roots. I couldn’t wait to sink into one of the well-worn leather chairs and sip on something truly crafted. For the record, I think the term “craft cocktails” is thrown around a bit carelessly these days as a marketing ploy to get you in for happy hour specials. This is not the case at Peggy’s. To craft something means to exercise skill in creating something. I watched as our bartender (or mixologist, if you prefer) carefully and truly crafted our drinks. I watched as he slowly and deliberately peeled the rind of a lemon for my Gillespie 75 and then delicately rimmed the entire circumference of the champagne flute. I watched as he did the same with an orange for my husband’s Old Fashioned and placed a perfectly clear single cube of ice into the glass. I watched as he brought both drinks to our table on what appeared to be an antique silver tray. And I watched our glasses slowly drain against a backdrop of a gloomy day. We felt like royalty.

Limiting ourselves to just one drink (although I would make it a point to return for the cocktails alone) we headed into the dining room. It’s very cozy and comfortable with bistro-like seating and views of the outdoor fireplace and patio. The first dish to arrive at our table was the perfect combination of sweet, savory, and spicy – a semi-amuse-bouche of sliced candied jalapeños over cream cheese with crostini. For an appetizer we chose the chicken-fried quail piled on top of cornmeal Johnny-Cakes with maple cayenne syrup. If you’ve ever had a love affair with chicken and waffles, then this dish is her sexier cousin. I was actually sad when I realized we had eaten it all. But on to the main course…

I decided on the soft shell crabs with sautéed mixed greens. Four large soft shell crabs lightly dusted in cornmeal make Peggy’s version superb. My husband literally went for the meat and potatoes with the cast iron double pork chop paired with tender roasted new potatoes. The maple bourbon glaze is the sweet component you want with a bone-in pork chop but it doesn’t overpower the dish. A light apple frisee salad balances all that decadence. The chop is prepared in part using the sous vide technique. You can read my other post on cooking sous vide at home. Speaking of decadent, you must get the macaroni & cheese. There’s also a lobster version on the menu and both are incredibly cheesy and pillowy soft, with the right amount of browned edges. Just like grandma used to make.

At our waiter’s suggestion we had two wines, Domaine Le Peu De La Moriette Vouvray and a Nielson Pinot Noir. Both were enjoyable. As we progressed through our meal we noticed that every table was full and there was a light-hearted energy in the air. It’s a fun atmosphere for sure. The service is also phenomenal.

We could essentially stop right here and have the perfect evening all tied up in a bow. But a complete experience calls for dessert. Peggy’s menu of “Sweet Treats” is a menagerie of traditional southern delights. The kids can even opt for rice crispy treats. We chose Peggy’s Chess Pie, a creamy buttermilk confection topped with fresh whipped cream, berries, and a salted caramel sauce. Divine does not even begin to describe the flavors of this dessert. A sweet treat, indeed. My husband had coffee while I sipped on sambuca from a snifter with three small espresso beans, thus crafting our exceptional dining experience from start to finish.

If you live in central Texas or are just passing through, make it a point to have an evening at Peggy’s On The Green. Reservations are recommended.

This is not a sponsored post. Opinions are my own. Thank you for reading!

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