Repairing Winter-damaged Hair: Why I Love Virtue Labs

Beauty / Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

This winter has been especially hard on my skin and hair. I’m working on a current skincare routine post for you, but today I want to share how I’ve been repairing my winter-damaged hair with Virtue haircare products. I received a set of travel size products from Virtue via my beautiful blogging friend, Summer (definitely check out her blog – she’s so sweet and has a great sense of style). I was thrilled for the opportunity to test out Virtue’s products at this size because as you know, I’m on the road a lot and was able to take my regimen with me everywhere.

Now that we’ve been living in a slightly drier climate for a few years, I’ve noticed that my hair does not get as greasy as it did when we lived in Houston. And I can go a couple of days without washing it. I know a lot of ladies out there have been doing this for years, but trust me when I say I wouldn’t dare skip a wash day without looking seriously disheveled and let’s just say it – dirty. The humidity in Houston was great for keeping my locks shiny and moisturized, but it necessitated washing it more frequently.

Even though I’m enjoying the freedom of washing my hair less (hello extra time, where have you been all my life?), I’m more conscientious of maintaining its shine and moisture. Dry hair breaks easily and looks unhealthy.

Virtue has a line of hair products specifically designed to recover lost hydration and softness while delivering smoothness and manageability. I dedicated two weeks to applying the Virtue Labs Recovery Shampoo, Conditioner, and split-end serum to my hair. Any time you’re trying a new beauty routine, I always recommend giving it a good two weeks to be able to see any kind of result. I also used Virtue’s One For All 6-in-1 Styler before applying any heat treatment like blowdrying, curling, or flat-ironing.

I wish you could reach through your screen and feel the difference in my hair before using Virtue and after, because I have to say, I am majorly impressed! I have tried so many different haircare products from the inexpensive to the salon brands and I’m usually just “meh” about the results. Most products deliver on their promises but not to the tune of what I have experienced with Virtue. Let me explain why…

Virtue Labs Haircare Review

Virtue Labs Haircare Review

Virtue Labs Haircare Review

Virtue Labs Haircare Review

Why I Love Virtue Labs

Strong smooth strands from root to tip…

When you first squeeze the Virtue Recovery Shampoo into your hand you’ll notice how thick and viscous it is. A little goes a long way and it lathers up deliciously. Start at the roots and really massage your scalp. It feels great and washes away clean without a heavy buildup feel, although it did seem like my hair felt thicker. Maybe it was my imagination or some sort of placebo effect, but I honestly felt like Tarzan could have swung from these strands.

Bye-bye breakage…

After shampooing, I applied the Virtue Recovery Conditioner and let it sit for probably 3-5 minutes. This also rinsed really clean and left my hair feeling sleek. I could easily run my fingers through it while it was wet and the ends looked intact. After towel-drying, I applied the One For All 6-in-1 Styler starting at the crown and working to the ends. The last step was applying 2 pumps of the split-end serum to my ends. Usually after blowdrying, my hair feels and looks dry and frizzy. But with Virtue, I honestly could have just brushed it and ventured out in public. More potential time shaved off the clock – who is this new me?

Oh so soft…

My hair feels incredibly soft and because of this styles easily. I usually wear my hair down and need to run a brush through it periodically throughout the day. After using Virtue for a couple of weeks, I noticed my hair remained looking fresh like I’d just styled it, and less like a crazy woman who spent her lunch break with a wind machine.

Bonus feature – lots of body…

I don’t know if this is an intended side effect of Virtue’s Recovery line, but my hair has so much more bounce and body to it. I’m not talking a little va-va-voom here. It’s like I used mousse and a round brush but I totally didn’t. I started enjoying using my curling iron again, whereas before I was in a flatiron slump. Virtue has made my hair the most touchable it’s probably ever been.

Phenomenal fragrance…

Why have they not invented smell-o-vision yet? Virtue’s products smell incredibly good! The recovery line has a clean, woodsy scent with a little hint of coconut. Usually when my hair is wet I get a strong scent of the fragrance of my haircare products, but it doesn’t last very long. Even after drying and styling my hair it still smelled great throughout the day. But it’s not overpowering. Just so fresh and so clean, clean!

A couple of other reasons to love Virtue are that their products are completely safe for color-treated hair and they contain something called Alpha Keratin 60ku™.

Keratin is a protein that makes up 90% of our hair, skin and nails, so Virtue’s formula targets the areas where it’s most needed, down to the individual strand.

Virtue was also awarded an Allure Magazine 2017 Best of Beauty award! Right now, they are offering a free travel size of any full size product you purchase. It looks like the offer is good through 03/07/18, so you might want to order soon!

I don’t know if there are any miracle solutions out there for repairing winter-damaged hair, but Virtue Labs comes pretty close for me. How are you caring for your hair as we head into spring?


Virtue Labs Haircare Review

Virtue Labs Haircare Review

Virtue Labs Haircare Review

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xo – Erin

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