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Travel / Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

In what is the first of a few posts about our Scandinavia trip, I want to start by giving you a glimpse into our itinerary and share a little photo diary with you (I am still sorting through over 2,500 photos – praise be to cloud storage). I didn’t mean to leave you guys hanging for so long on this, and I promise there are even more fun photos and details to come, but we’ve been getting so many questions about planning that I thought a little itinerary post would help kick this series off.

Scandinavia Itinerary – Day by Day (17 days, 5 countries)

Day 1: Arrive in Tallinn, Estonia

Day 2: Explore Tallinn’s Old Town

Day 3: Day trip to Helsinki, Finland; evening in Tallinn

Day 4: Explore Tallinn; take overnight boat to Stockholm, Sweden

Day 5: Arrive in Stockholm in the morning and spend afternoon/evening exploring

Day 6: Explore Stockholm and take a boat through the archipelago (Sigtuna and Vaxholm are good destinations)

Day 7: Day trip to Drottningholm Palace

Day 8: Explore Stockholm

Day 9: Train to Copenhagen, Denmark

Day 10: Explore Copenhagen (take a canal cruise or check out Tivoli Gardens)

Day 11: Day trip to Frederiksborg Castle and Gilleleje for lunch on the water

Day 12: Visit the Carlsberg Brewery and finish the day with a canal cruise

Day 13: Fly to Bergen, Norway

Day 14: Day trip exploring Sognefjord

Day 15: Norway in a Nutshell tour – the train portion at the end will get you to Oslo

Day 16: Explore Oslo

Day 17: Fly home!

More details will be coming as far as restaurants and specific sites that are musts, but you can see that if you plan your route carefully you can squeeze it all in. A combination of planes, trains, and boats will get you from point A to point B. This was our longest trip to date and brings our total number of countries visited to 25. Not that we’re counting at all, but it’s just amazing to think that in the last decade we’ve managed to see so much of the world. And there’s so much more yet to explore!

And now for what you REALLY want to see…photos! There are so many more where these come from so keep an eye out on future posts!


Erin walks the ancient medieval wall in Tallinn.

Tallinn Estonia skyline view

Erin leans against a stone wall in front of a tower in Tallinn Estonia

Old carved wooden door surrounded by stone in Tallinn Estonia


Cathedral in Helsinki Finland

Stockholm and the archipelago, Sweden

A view of the Grand Hotel in Stockholm Sweden

A selection of Swedish fruit filled pastries

Erin stands before Drottningholm Palace in Sweden

Erin sits atop a stone fountain in the Drottningholm Palace gardens in Sweden

A beautifully decorated store front in Stockholm Sweden


Colorful buildings of Nyhavn in Copenhagen Denmark

Erin walks a solitary path up to Frederiksborg Castle in Denmark

Beautiful lush gardens outside the Jewish museum in Copenhagen Denmark

Erin drives a Go Boat through a canal in Copenhagen Denmark


A large floral covered gazebo in a lush park in Bergen Norway

A dancing Huldra appears next to a waterfall on the Norway in a Nutshell tour

A waterfall cascades down a fjord in Norway

A lush green fjord rises out of the water in Norway

A basket of shrimp for lunch in Oslo

Erin sits along Bergen's harbor in front of a row of colorful buildings

A seafood restaurant with dried fish skins in Bergen Norway

Thank you for reading and sharing!

Xo – Erin

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