What’s in My Bag: Travel Edition

Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel / Thursday, October 4th, 2018

Happy Thursday, peeps! I’m in such a good mood today because we are headed to Vegas tomorrow for yours truly’s birthday. Well, technically my birthday is next week but who’s counting? We have been traveling to Vegas pretty much every year to celebrate and I can’t wait to get out of town and relax for a couple days. It seems like you guys liked my first “what’s in my bag post” so I thought I’d follow up with What’s in My Bag: Travel Edition!

As you know, whenever possible I try not to check a bag when flying. So what’s in my bag needs to be travel-sized and travel-friendly. These are few comfort items and toiletries that make flying (and travel in general) a little more comfortable for me.

What's In My Bag | Travel Bag Essentials | Packing Tips | Cathedrals and Cafes Blog

What's In My Bag | Travel Bag Essentials | Packing Tips | Cathedrals and Cafes Blog

What's In My Bag | Travel Bag Essentials | Packing Tips | Cathedrals and Cafes Blog

What’s in My Bag For the Plane

Lip Balm

Air travel is always so drying on your skin and I think my lips feel it the most. I usually just pack Burt’s Bee’s lip balm to apply over the matte lip color I’m wearing. I have been loving the SuperStay Matte Ink Lip Color from Maybelline lately. My everyday color is “Lover” because I love how it goes with just about anything I want to wear. Apply once, cover with lip balm and you’re ready to survive your flight.

Eye Mask

You probably don’t need one for short flights (or flights where you’re too excited to sleep, like going to Vegas) but I bring one just in case. Not only are they useful on the plane but you never know how bright your hotel room might be. Even with blackout curtains, I’ve stayed in a room where the curtains didn’t quite close all the way and there was a sliver of light disturbing me all night. I’m one of those people that needs pitch black darkness to sleep well, so an eye mask is important. I like this eye mask in particular because it softly cups over your eyes and doesn’t press them down. Which means it also won’t smear your eye makeup.

Other Essentials

Gum – helps with all that ear popping.

EmergenC – boost your immune system with plenty of Vitamin C. Airplanes are full of germs.

Tissues – freezing airplanes always get my nose going.

Magazines or a great book – I’m currently slogging through Les Misérables. Have you read it? I’m actually loving it, but it’s pretty long.

What’s in My Bag For All Travel

Dry Shampoo

You’ve heard me rave about Virtue’s haircare products before (here and here), so I’m really happy they’ve come out with Virtue Refresh Dry Shampoo. And they make it in travel size! Early morning flights mean I probably wash the day before so I’m always needing a refresher when we land. The Refresh Dry Shampoo from Virtue is light, non-greasy, and smells fantastic. Not to mention it works better than any dry shampoo I’ve tried. When combined with Virtue’s 6-in-1 Styler, I’m ready to go anywhere.

Eye Cream

I never leave home without my favorite eye cream. I use this eye cream from Origins every day to help brighten up and depuff my eyes. A little bit goes a very long way, which is another reason why I love this stuff.


My favorite anti-aging cream from Olay always makes it into my travel bag. I scoop a little into an empty contact lens case to make it TSA approved.

Makeup Remover Wipes

Whether I need to refresh my face before landing or I need to remove gobs of mascara from a night out in Vegas, I always bring these makeup removing towelettes from Neutrogena. I’ve tried other brands but nothing gets the makeup off like these or is also as soft as these.

What goes into your travel bag? Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see all my stories from our Vegas weekend! As always, I really appreciate you stopping by my blog. Thank you for reading and sharing!

XO – Erin

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