My European Spa Experience at Le Petit Med Spa, San Antonio

Beauty / Monday, March 4th, 2019

As someone who travels to Europe a couple times a year, I don’t ever make time for spa treatments and I certainly wasn’t educated about non-invasive European techniques. Whenever I’ve heard the words med spa, I have always thought of needles, Botox®️, or other methods of literally carving out the skin, body, or face you want. No thank you. So I was pleased to learn I didn’t have to go halfway around the world for an amazing spa experience. Le Petite Med Spa in San Antonio is a new favorite, and here’s why.

European Spa Experience at La Petit Med Spa, San Antonio

What are Non-Invasive European Techniques?

Let’s talk about non-invasive European techniques. What does that mean? It means that Le Petit Med Spa provides alternatives to invasive treatments that use methods of application through needles or lasers. It means you won’t find Botox®️ or fillers or any other kind of invasive “quick fix.” Non-invasive European techniques focus on holistic methods and aging gracefully with a pain free experience. As a person who suffers from white coat syndrome and really isn’t comfortable with injectables, I appreciate the priority of whole body health I received at Le Petit Med Spa without putting dangerous chemicals into my body.

What to Expect at Le Petit Med Spa

Let Petit Med Spa has a variety of programs and services for every aspect of your health and beauty journey. CEO/Founder and Image Consultant, Axelle Parker, works directly with you to create a treatment plan just for you. She is such a warm and friendly person, so right away I felt like I was getting beauty advice from a trusted friend. Axelle is from Paris and has been a health, beauty and fashion journalist. She even has a Master’s degree in Journalism with scientific specialization.

European Spa Experience at La Petit Med Spa, San Antonio

Everything from face and body treatments to massage, personal training, nutrition, and even personal styling is offered. Le Petit Med Spa also carries the Swiss made brand VALMONT, a European skincare line only available through five star spas and hotels. A Valmont facial is one of the services I’m most looking forward to on my next visit!

The atmosphere at Le Petit Med Spa is calm like you would expect at any spa, but it also felt like being in a beautiful boutique hotel (and I certainly wished I could have checked in for a longer stay). Just beyond the front desk, creamy white walls, and light wood floor set in a herringbone pattern lies a chic sitting area. Plush modern chairs atop a geometric rug and a water/tea buffet beckon you to leave your worries at the door. There’s a changing room with lockers, shower, and bathroom, as well as soft cozy robes and slippers. All of the treatments are done within the privacy of well-appointed rooms.

Image courtesy Le Petit Med Spa

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My Treatment Experience

I started with an infrared sauna, an experience so unlike any traditional sauna. You lie in the infrared sauna machine for 20, 30, or 40 minutes (I did 30) and allow the gradual heat to bring out a detoxifying sweat that not only feels amazing but also strengthens your immune system 7x’s more than traditional saunas. Infrared penetrates to the cellular level to lower blood pressure and reduce muscle pain, but it also stimulates collagen production, which helps with anti-aging. An audio guide provides meditation for a full mind and body treatment. It was so relaxing and comfortable that I nodded off just as my session was ending. I loved it! Axelle told me that she brought the sauna direct from Paris, and it’s the only place in San Antonio you’ll find one.

Image courtesy Le Petit Med Spa

I followed my sauna with an aromatherapy massage. Unlike deep tissue or Swedish massage, the aromatherapy massage combined powerful essential oils with a light touch. A special blend of oils was created just for me to target areas that were a priority. At the time I had been suffering from allergy congestion, fatigue, and stress. The oils and massage provided by Marie Laure (I highly recommend her) worked wonders. I was most surprised by how well I was able to breathe after my treatment. Marie recommended leaving the oils on my body and not showering until the next day so that they could continue their work. I followed her instructions and within 48-hours I was no longer suffering from a stuffy head or sneezing. It was truly amazing!

European Spa Experience at La Petit Med Spa, San Antonio

If you’re in the San Antonio area, I highly recommend Le Petit Med Spa. Schedule a consultation with Axelle and begin feeling better now. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for 10% off your first visit! If you’ve already been, please comment and let me know about your experience.

European Spa Experience at La Petit Med Spa, San Antonio

xo – Erin

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