Friday Favorites 01.11.19

Friday Favorites / Friday, January 11th, 2019

Happy Friday to you! …and you, and you, and you! It’s my absolute favorite day of the week, bar none. Friday brings with it the incredible feeling that an entire two days of rest lies ahead, that you can sleep in if you want, that you don’t have to answer to anyone, that you can wear whatever makes you comfortable, and that anything can happen. So, TGIF, everyone!

Now that the holidays are over and my house is pretty much back to its pre-Christmas state, I’m going to enjoy kicking back in the simplicity of a clean and uncluttered space. I love how the house glows during the holidays, but there is something really refreshing about getting it back to normal.

This week’s favorites aren’t centered around a theme. They’re simply a collection of things I’m loving right now (like the chicest bag under $50) or just things I find interesting (like washing your face with honey). Curious? Keep scrolling. At any rate, it’s good for a little weekend reading.

Friday Favorites from Cathedrals & Cafes Blog

Favorite Bag Under $50, especially as it’s a tote (more room for all my junk!)

I just discovered The Little Market, where you can shop to empower female artisans around the world. Plus they have so many cute things!

If Pop-Tarts were (and maybe still are) a favorite of yours, definitely check out this raspberry and champagne pop-tart recipe from Wood and Spoon.

Would you try washing your face with only honey?

What’s Out and In with home decor in 2019? Bye-bye, millennial pink.

Are you committing these faux pas in the shower?

The best books on Paris – I have Aperitif, and now I feel like I need these, too!

Happy weekend!

xo – Erin

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