Grape Punch at William Chris Vineyards

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Have you ever punched a grape before? It’s ok…they like it! Grape Punch is the process of “punching down” or pushing down the solid matter (grape skins, stems, pulp, etc.) that rises to the top in the fermentation vessel. In red wine making, it’s especially important to punch the grapes down to achieve more color or flavor.

William Chris Vineyards invited me to “Come and Punch It” at their Grape Punch event and I had a great time getting up to my elbows in a tank of Texas grapes. Grape Punch is a hands-on activity where you get to participate in a part of the winemaking process as it goes from vine to bottle. You literally roll up your sleeves, scrub up, and get to work. There’s a cool t-shirt at the end to reward your efforts. 😉

Welcome to Grape Punch at William Chris Vineyards

How to Punch Grapes

Grape Punch Event at William Chris Vineyards

Grapes Ready to be Punched

How to Punch Grapes - Winemaking

Punching Grapes at William Chris Vineyards

Red Wine Grapes Get Punched

Pressing our grape stained hands onto our shirts

I’ve never been this up close and personal to the grapes before they become the wine I love to drink. They felt cool and soft as I dipped my arms over and over into the tank, slowly pressing as much as I could to the bottom. Over time the grape matter rises to the top and must be punched down again.

Punch, punch, punch. I couldn’t help but think how much antioxidant goodness must be seeping right into the pores of my skin! I’m thinking a grape punch bath could be the next beauty trend…

Afterwards, we pressed our grape stained hands onto our t-shirts and let them dry in the Texas sun while we enjoyed a wine tasting in the Hye Society Lounge. William Chris Vineyards is located in Hye, Texas and when you join the wine club you become an official “Hye Society” member. Our next allocation arrives in September where we will receive the 2016 Hunter Merlot and the 2016 Gilliam Gap Vineyards Malbec. One of my favorite red wines is Malbec and Gilliam Gap is one of the few vineyards in the Texas High Plains to have planted Malbec. Oh, the anticipation!

Hye Society Wine Club at William Chris Vineyards

Wine Tasting at William Chris Vineyards

Wine Tasting and Grape Punch at William Chris Vineyards

Grape Punch Photo Op at William Chris Vineyards

Award Winning William Chris Wines

What to Wear to a Winery

Have you ever participated in a grape punch before? I love that William Chris encourages its patrons to experience more than a mere sampling of wine. They really invite you into the process and share with you a “piece of their world.”


Xo – Erin

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