Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Moms

Fashion, Lifestyle / Friday, November 17th, 2017

This is my third holiday gift guide and it’s all about dog moms and their fur babies. You can see my other gift guides HERE and click on the collage image to get to the post. I’ve linked all the gifts in the blog posts for easy shopping!

We have had such a fun week having my brother-in-law’s black lab stay with us. He is such a sweet boy, always leaning on us and accepting hugs. He’s even more affectionate than Bella. So, needless to say, I was in the mood to share my favorite gifts for other pet parents out there. Some of these items I have and use almost daily and others are on my wish list. There are so many stylish pet related gifts available these days and I love it! In our house, Santa always leaves something special under the tree for Bella (she has her own stocking, too). A little side note, one of my favorite stylish dog mom bloggers is Tori from Wear Wag Repeat. She always has great advice and fun DIYs, and her dog is just the cutest. I have a thing for labradors, if you couldn’t already tell. Go check her out!

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1 – A house just isn’t a home without a dog, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with odors and accidents. This kit works and also looks chic in stylish laundry and mudrooms.

2 – Our home is dotted with all kinds of dog-related decor items. I love this little ring holder and it’s under $20!

3 – I love a creative take on an everyday item. These dog bowls have the perfect amount of whimsy.

4 – Reward good behavior with tasty treats from a cute canister. I really like the gold accents on this one.

5 – A durable tote bag is a must for carrying all your dog’s essentials. I use mine every time we travel with Bella or for just a trip to our local food truck park. When you purchase these bags (they have backpacks, too) they donate a backpack to a child in need. What a great way to give back this holiday!

6 – I always keep a throw blanket in my car and in Bella’s bag. It’s great for keeping her hair off of things but it also protects her from sharp objects on the ground when she needs to lie down. I also use it as a way to keep her semi-contained and safe. I can tell her to get on her blanket and she obeys.

7 – Do you coordinate your dog’s leash with your own style? Asking for a friend… This leash is adorable.

8 – Even though Bella ends up on our bed every night, we still have a couple of beds in the house for her to lounge on. This bed will fit in with any decor and the cover comes off easily for washing.

9 – Dogs get bored, too! Make sure their stocking is stuffed with toys like this one!

10This flour sack towel always gets a lot of laughs at our house. It would make a great hostess gift, too.

11 – Light up your decor with this little guy. I think he would be perfect atop a styled bar cart or bookshelf. The lights are LED so it’ll last well beyond the holiday season.

12 – The holidays are a time for celebrating with friends and family. These wine glasses are too cute!

13 – This is the most expensive item on this gift list but if you live with indoor pets, this vacuum will change your life! We love ours. It frees us up to do other things while it cleans up all the dog hair around here. I can program a cleaning schedule into the app and it runs pretty quiet so Bella isn’t bothered by it at all. Think of this as an investment gift that will keep giving all year.

14 – Poop baggies look anything but gross in this stylish holder. I clip them to leashes and bags.

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