Subtle Ways to Wear Leopard Print

Fashion / Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

Of all the fashionable animal prints, I think leopard is probably the most doable for the average woman. I consider myself in that class of well-dressed average ladies who can admire leopard print done on a large scale in the pages of Vogue, but my everyday lifestyle isn’t haute couture. I do look for subtle ways to wear leopard print, though, because I think it’s pretty chic when done right.

The best way to incorporate leopard print in a subtle way is to accessorize with it. You’ll probably never see me sporting a full on leopard dress, shirt, or pants. I grew up during the Peg Bundy years and I still can’t shake images of her leopard blouses tucked into spandex pants. Please Google this if you have no idea what I’m referring to. It’s worth a chuckle. Huge credit goes to Katey Sagal for pulling it off so well.

How to Style a Leopard Print Clutch

Subtle Ways to Wear Leopard Print

How to Wear Leopard Print in a Subtle Way

Why I Love the Leopard Print Trend (in small doses)

Leopard print is incredibly versatile. I love it in all kinds of accessories, and it goes with just about anything. A casual pair of ripped denim and suede ankle boots go just as well with a leopard print clutch as your favorite little black dress. Just don’t go overboard. I would never wear leopard print heels and a leopard print clutch at the same time. Maybe that’s just me, but I think sticking to one leopard print item is probably best.

The Easiest Way to Wear Leopard Print

Accessorize with a leopard clutch. I think leopard print works as a great neutral if the rest of your outfit is relatively simple. I like to dress in monochromatic tones (think all black, all beige, all white, etc…) and a little leopard pops off nicely. Dark, earthy tones work but I’m also liking leopard print paired with pastels for spring. I also love seeing it paired with really bright tones like hot pink or tropical green. A pair of colorful tassel earrings with a LBD and leopard clutch would be pretty cute. I’m not sure it’s my own personality, but I love it on other ladies.

This is the first leopard clutch I’ve ever purchased, actually. I eyed them for a long time before taking the plunge and lucked out with this one when Henri Bendel was liquidating their inventory. I ordered it from my car on Christmas day from a sale email while my husband drove us home. I think it might have gone out of stock that same day. But you haven’t missed the boat. There are so many great leopard clutch options right now (I linked a couple with my other leopard picks below).

Subtle Ways to Wear Leopard Print

Subtle Ways to Wear Leopard Print

How to Style Leopard Print

Shop my outfit:

Leopard Picks

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