What I Wore in Scandinavia

Fashion, Travel / Thursday, July 19th, 2018

We are home from Scandinavia now and aside from swimming in loads of laundry things are pretty much back to normal. Hopefully you followed along on Instagram, because you may have noticed that last week I didn’t publish to the blog. Sometimes the balance of working full time and running my blog weighs heavily more on the working full time part, so the blog has to come second. But, I’m trying to get back into a more regular schedule this week with some new content. It’s funny how one small week away from the blog can make you miss writing so much.

Every time I’m traveling somewhere new I think to myself, wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to do this full-time? I don’t know how travel writers and bloggers are able to do that for a living, but it would be incredible to have that opportunity. Hell, it would be incredible to be able to just blog for a living, but I’m not sure how anyone does that either. If you have any strategies for winning the lottery, please share. Haha…

Our Scandinavian tour took us to 5 countries – Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. If you throw in our flight connections it was actually 7 countries, all in two and a half weeks. Whew! I’m working on our travel itineraries and some Eat+Stay+Play guides for you. But today, I’ve rounded up my outfits so you can see what I wore in Scandinavia.

Why am I doing this? For one thing, packing for this trip was one of the hardest things I’ve done. The temperatures were wide ranging, swinging from the low 50s to high 80s, with potential for rain and winds. We were on multiple boats so there was that to consider as well. I also didn’t want to drag a giant boulder of a bag around that many destinations. And I didn’t break the bank when it came to getting a few new pieces to wear. You’ll notice that I always lean towards a more casual look when traveling and I tend to save my more dressed up pieces for evenings and dinners out.

If you’re thinking of planning a summer trip to Scandinavia, here’s what I wore and hopefully it helps you.

What I Wore in Scandinavia

Erin wears a nautical striped top and gazes across the water on a canal cruise in Sweden.

Erin sips a cappuccino at a cafe in Stockholm wearing a nautical striped top.

Erin poses with a large vintage anchor in Vaxholm, Sweden wearing a nautical striped tee.

Erin enjoys a seaside lunch in Vaxholm, Sweden wearing a nautical striped tee.

Lots of tees!

Nautical stripes for the win! I picked up this striped 3/4 sleeve tee in three different colors (it comes in a total of four colors, two of which are on sale for $15 right now!) and it was perfect for days that started cool and ended warm. Stripes are so classic. I also wore these jeans more than any other pair. They went with booties, sandals, and sneakers – also a win! Remember, less is more when it comes to packing for a trip like this.

I mean, can it get any more nautical?

Erin wears a linen blend jacket in Bergen Norway.

Only 4 pairs of shoes – sneakers, sandals, booties, wedges

Don’t forget comfortable shoes! I found these Adidas on a random shopping trip to TJ Maxx and they were not only perfect for walking miles every day but they go with just about everything from jeans to shorts and dresses. This pair of lace up sneakers is similar.

Erin wears a linen blend jacket over a nautical striped tee on a Fjord cruise in Norway.

Erin visits the Love Beauty and Planet popup shop in Helsinki Finland wearing a linen blend jacket and nautical stripe tee.


A lightweight jacket is key. I wanted something that I could layer up in but that would also roll up easily and fit into my day bag. This linen blend utility jacket is actually from Old Navy and it worked great. It’s really affordable but unfortunately is sold out. This linen utility jacket is similar and is only $40.

It was a chilly and rainy day when I happened upon the Love Beauty and Planet popup shop in Helsinki, but their Instagram flower wall brightened the day. The sales associate was also really sweet to snap my photo.

Erin wears a long scarf, her favorite travel wardrobe essential, in Sweden.

Erin walks the medieval wall in Tallinn Estonia wearing her favorite travel wardrobe essential, a long scarf.

Erin stands on the beach along the Baltic Sea wearing a long scarf.

Scarf it up!

My favorite travel wardrobe essential? A long scarf. It doubles as so many things! I picked up this lightweight version in Tallinn on one of our first days exploring. At only 10 Euros it was a pretty good deal (although I’ve scored them before for 5). And this is usually what I look like during the day – a bag and jacket slung across my body, sunglasses and my camera (which my husband is using to take the picture).

Erin wears a shift dress in Tallinn Estonia

Erin wearing a Universal Thread dress from Target in Sweden

Erin wears a tunic dress with a Palmgrens rattan collection bag in Stockholm Sweden.


I prefer wearing dresses when traveling because they’re just so easy. But the weather doesn’t always allow for them. Luckily we had a lot of sunny days and even a couple of evenings that were pretty mild. Tunic styles and shifts are my go to pieces and they roll up in my bag easily. My olive green shift dress is one of my favorites from Target’s Universal Thread collection.

Erin wears an eyelet sleeve top from H&M to dinner in Tallinn Estonia.

Erin wears a monochromatic look with a Palmgrens rattan collection bag to dinner in Stockholm, Sweden.

Dinners and Evenings Out

When you don’t have room in your bag for anything elaborate, you can’t go wrong with a great pair of black jeans (also doubles for day). I like a monochromatic look and a top that I might wear to dinner for a couple hours and then wear all day the next day. I love this eyelet sleeve embroidered top for day or night and it’s under $30.

While in Stockholm, I was excited to visit the Palmgrens store. I have been eyeing their classic rattan and leather bag, originally launched in 1950. The vegetable tanned leather is so soft and I’ve been carrying this bag around ever since. Everyone in the shop was really nice and they even have a shop dog whom we couldn’t resist giving all our attention to. He made the shopping experience, I think.

Coming up are some travel guides and a few more details of our trip. By the way, did you notice my new hair? I think I’ve finally mastered the curling wand. I’ve only burned myself once so I think that’s a success.

Xo – Erin

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