20 Gift Ideas That Give Back This Christmas

Lifestyle / Friday, December 8th, 2017

Last night we were surprised and thrilled to experience a snowfall here in San Antonio. Yes, you read that right…we had snow in Texas! So of course we immediately did what most crazy Texans do when they see snow – every single cliché activity that involves snow! We made snow angels, had a snowball fight, and built a snowman. We ended the evening on the patio sipping hot toddies next to a rolling fire while listening to Christmas music. It was the most perfect evening and it got me thinking. The best gifts are the memories we make, the ways we make others feel, and the methods in which we give back.

20 gifts that give back this christmas - cathedrals and cafes blog

20 gifts that give back this christmas - cathedrals and cafes blog

20 gifts that give back this christmas - cathedrals and cafes blog

I decided today’s blog post should focus on gifts that give back at Christmas. My husband is the greatest when it comes to creative ways to make a memory or do something nice for others. So I enlisted his help in this list. A lot of these things are part of our own Christmas traditions. One year we saw a group of police officers having a quick bite of dinner two tables over from ours. We decided to pay for their meal and arranged it with the waiter unbeknownst to them. I will always remember their faces as they realized their meal had been taken care of by anonymous strangers. It was just our way of saying thank you for their service to our city. It is to this day one of the best memories of my life.

20 gifts that give back this christmas - cathedrals and cafes blog

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20 gifts that give back this christmas - cathedrals and cafes blog

I hope you enjoy this list and give some of these gifts this year. I would love to know any ideas you have for spreading joy in a simple way that gives back to someone else. Please comment and let me know!

20 Gift Ideas That Give Back This Christmas

1- Pay it forward. Offer to pay for the guy behind you in the Starbucks line, or any line for that matter. They’ll be so surprised and delighted, they might just keep it going!

2- Pick flowers from your own yard and brighten someone’s day. If flowers aren’t available, some simple greenery with a bow looks just as pretty, wintery, and elegant.

3- Bring someone’s trash can in for them.

4- Give hugs. They’re always free and who doesn’t love a good hug?

5- Offer to babysit for a parent who could use a break.

6- Get together for a puppy playdate with your friends and bring treats for all the Fidos.

7- Find a Grinch and sing them a Christmas carol “Elf-style.” If that doesn’t end in laughter I don’t know what will.

8- Volunteer at your local food bank.

9- Be the story time reader at your local library.

10- Take on a task for a co-worker. The holidays can be hectic at the office and this is a great way to lend a hand.

11- Bake cookies and give them to your favorite delivery person. Carrying boxes up and down driveways all day deserves a reward.

12- Offer to help wrap others’ gifts. Wrapping takes a long time and doing it together is much more fun.

13- Host an ornament exchange. Homemade or thrifted ornaments welcome!

14- Make all your Christmas gifts this year instead of buying them. Gifts from the heart are the ones that count.

15- Go around the Christmas dinner table and have everyone say at least one nice thing about someone at the table. It’s so nice to let others know what you appreciate about them.

16- Get up early and make your significant other’s favorite morning beverage. Coffee, tea, espresso, smoothie…whatever they love, it’s always nice when someone else makes it for you.

17- Watch a Christmas movie together. My favorite is Love, Actually.

18- Take your family to go see Christmas lights. Make a thermos of hot cocoa, grab your blankets, crank up the Christmas tunes and drive through the neighborhood.

19- Dress up and play Santa for your neighborhood kids of all ages.

20- Adopt a pet. There are many animals that would love a holiday home. Just remember to keep the promise you make to love them always.

20 gifts that give back this christmas - cathedrals and cafes blog

xo – Erin

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4 Replies to “20 Gift Ideas That Give Back This Christmas”

  1. Love this idea! My client Global Purpose also has purposful giving gifts available at HEB in the Blooms department! Super cute jewelry and bags that are great for hostess gifts! Love having some heart behind gifts at this time of year!

  2. This post is so lovely! These are all great ideas for giving back during the Holidays. I will definitely be volunteering and donating to charity.

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