Cocktail Recipe: Last Days of Summer Spritzer

Happy Hour / Friday, August 4th, 2017

Around here the arrival of August usually signals the beginning of the end. The end of carefree summer days soaking up sun rays, staying up late, and making rosé into its own food group. But don’t put away that unicorn float yet. Mr. Cochran, there IS a cure to those “summertime blues” and it’s my blackberry wine spritzer!

For this recipe you really only need two ingredients…maybe 3 if you’re feeling fancy. I can’t speak for everyone in central Texas, but I think we take the quality of our wines seriously, not the enjoyment of them. A few weekends ago at the Pearl Farmer’s Market, I sampled the Blackberry Wine (Sweet Reserve) from Poteet Country Winery. Fruit wines can be a bit sweet for me, but Poteet’s version of blackberry wine is not a sugary assault on your taste buds. It’s smooth and really nice slightly chilled on a hot day. As you can tell from my photo below, we really enjoyed this wine.

I’m a pretty big fan of wine spritzers this time of year, so what could be better than giving summer the celebratory send-off it deserves?

What you’ll need:

Blackberry wine (or any fruit wines really – watermelon, strawberry, peach, etc.)

Lemon-lime soda (I prefer Diet 7Up)

Fresh berries for garnish


Pour blackberry wine into a wine glass or tumbler and fill to about half or three quarters, depending on personal taste. I chose a stemless glass with gold paper straws for a casual backyard party but a champagne flute would be beautiful and elegant, too.

Top with lemon-lime soda and garnish with fresh fruit. I went with blackberries to compliment the wine but also added raspberries and blueberries. Might as well get more of those good-for-you antioxidants in!

Sip and savor those delicious summer memories! What are some of your favorite summer cocktails?

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Last Days of Summer Spritzer Easy Blackberry Wine Cocktail Recipe


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