How to Enjoy a Gin and Tonic For Those Who Hate Gin and Tonic

Happy Hour, Lifestyle / Thursday, February 16th, 2017

Well, we made it to Thursday! Or as I like to refer to it – Friday Eve! Dresses up Thursday a little more, doesn’t it? As happy hours commence around the globe, I wanted to share a recent experience I had involving the classic cocktail, Gin and Tonic. Mind you, I have never been a fan of this drink. But it seemed like this was the go-to for everyone I knew and I will admit, casually requesting it from your mixologist does give one the “this isn’t my first rodeo” cachet at the bar. It looks refreshing, but I have always struggled with the taste and have stuck with my old boring standard, the vodka and soda.

Enter the Beefeater Gin and Tonic! The Mr. and I had the opportunity to tour the Beefeater Distillery while we were in London (part of The London Pass, which I also recommend). I will admit that I wasn’t as thrilled about this tour as my husband was, given my past experience with gin…or maybe it was the tonic…either way, he is a big fan of this libation so we decided to check it out. OH…MY…GOODNESS…my eyes were opened! I think maybe I have just never had “good” gin, and who better to show me the way than the amazing team at Beefeater. We’ve done a lot of winery/brewery/distillery tours and this one is one of the best. Informative, interactive, and fun! Plus you get a carefully crafted Beefeater Gin and Tonic at the end. Also, they use a lemon instead of a lime, which is usually how I’ve seen it served. Maybe it was the combination of good gin, good tonic, and the lemon but Beefeater has made me a gin and tonic fan. Scroll down to see my pictures from the tour plus the recipe for a B&T from Beefeater.











Learn to make the B&T from Behind the Bar – Beefeater Gin

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