Longchamp Love Affair: The Perfect All-Around Bag

Fashion / Thursday, April 13th, 2017

As a self-proclaimed member of handbag hoarders anonymous, I’m particularly interested in bags that will work overtime for me. My closet is home to every size, shape, and style of handbag, clutch, tote, duffel…you get the idea. Each typically serves a very unique purpose – date night, office, travel, everyday, etc. So when I find a bag that is perfect for just about anything I’m pretty excited.

My love affair for Longchamp started a few years ago rather innocently as a gift from my husband. Little did he know he was feeding my handbag addiction with an exciting new drug – the Le Pliage tote. I loved it and carried it every day, which led to a second one, then a third, and then a duffel. Oh my…down the rabbit hole I went.

Why am I committed to this brand and style? Several reasons. They’re durable and easy to clean. They’re lightweight and look great dressed up or down. I love the spacious inside with just a small side pocket. This is usually where I tuck my phone. Some have complained about the lack of inside compartments but I disagree. I find it much easier to compartmentalize my things into smaller pouches or zippered cosmetic bags. This is especially important as a traveler. I want to be able to easily get to my makeup and small toiletries on a plane and keep things like headphones, sunglasses, and passport or wallet in a separate bag. It’s a great organizational strategy.

In addition to this, traveling with these bags couldn’t be easier due to their built-in collapsible structure. I can easily fold a couple of them up and place them into a larger suitcase. Depending on location, I like to use a more structured cross-body camera bag during the day and then switch to more of a purse at night. And if I want to bring my large camera it fits inside easily.

Be wary of fakes. I’ve been a victim of this first-hand. One of the best posts I’ve seen for determining the difference between authentic Longchamp and counterfeit Longchamp can be read here. It’s very enlightening.

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