My Ride or Die Summer Skincare

Beauty / Thursday, August 9th, 2018

Summer is winding down and I feel like the proverbial toddler grabbing it by the leg and hanging on as it drags me across the pavement. Even though I might comment on how the weather is too hot, I still love summer so much. This heat is nothing a dip in the pool can’t cure.

Summer is a great time to be a little more lazy, but it can also be easy to relax on your skincare routine. All those late night summer patio sessions snacking and sipping just make me want to head for the sheets without spending extra energy “getting ready for bed.” I never skip washing my face but it’s the rest of my routine that I try not to neglect.

I’m not a makeup guru or a cosmetics junkie, but I do love taking care of my skin. I’ve always gone for the best soaps, balms, masks, and serums for my skin and hair. I wrote this post in an effort to reach out to you for suggestions on what you can’t live without. I’ll share mine if you share yours kind of thing. I’d love to hear from you so please comment and tell me what’s the one skincare product you survived summer with. These are my go tos this summer. They are my ride or die products that always do the job.

6 Skincare Essentials for Summer Collage

My Ride or Die Summer Skincare Includes:

REN Flash Defense Anti-Pollution Mist

This stuff is designed to help reduce premature aging due to exposure to the environment. I want to be outside all summer long, but I don’t want my skin looking like it. I spray this on a clean face to give myself a protective barrier and it’s also helping my skin’s own natural defenses against environmental stress.

What I love: smells amazing (lightly herbal), feels cooling, non comedogenic

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

Speaking of non comedogenic, no matter what you do your pores get clogged. During the summer it’s a sticky combination of sweat, makeup, and sunscreen. I have used these pore strips since their inception.

What I love: see the results immediately and be free to do other things while they work

Epoch® Baobab Body Butter

I’ve been using this all summer as my “after sun” care for my skin. I always wear sunscreen but after a day of sun, sand, or chlorine pools this stuff really rehydrates my skin. Epoch is a rich shea butter formula with fruit extract from the African baobab tree (I admit I didn’t even know it was a tree). It just feels really, really good. Even if I get just a little pink from sun exposure, this body butter helps to restore my skin back to a healthy glow. It also naturally repels mosquitos, one of summer’s most unwelcome guests.

What I love: absorbs quickly, non-greasy, very lightly scented and a little goes a long way

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

Have you taken the Olay 28-day challenge? I’ve used Olay Regenerist before now but not consistently. This summer I decided to change that. I’m about halfway through the 28-day challenge and I love how my skin feels. I’m hoping to see visible results with years off my skin age soon. If anything, my skin feels softer and more hydrated. I use it primarily on my face and neck at night but also the backs of my hands. They always say a woman’s hands show her age.

What I love: absorbs gently, lightly scented, skin feels great in the morning, TSA travel size approved

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Hydrogel Mask

I have been using Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost cleansing gel for a few months and love it. I’m a sucker for a great sheet mask and this one is so hydrating and has hyaluronic acid to help maintain the suppleness of my skin. I like to leave this on while in the bath or reading a book. My skin always feels brighter and smoother afterward. Place it in the fridge for a few minutes before using for extra cooling.

What I love: adheres and removes easily, feels cool on skin

Origins Modern Friction Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion

Summer means extra exfoliation for me. This product from Origins exfoliates without the irritation. It’s a creamy formula that gently sloughs off those dead skin cells and polishes skin to a brighter finish. I use it about once a week and apply just with my fingertips.

What I love: very light peppermint aroma helps to wake me up in the morning, washes clean away

Erin sips rosé in her clawfoot tub

What are some of your ride or die skincare products for summer?

Thank you so much for reading and sharing!

Xo – Erin

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