Friday Favorites No. 10: Beauty Edition

Beauty, Friday Favorites / Friday, October 5th, 2018

This week’s Friday Favorites revolve around beauty items and trends that I’m either loving or just interested in trying. For the trends I haven’t tried yet, please comment and let me know if you’ve tried them and what your thoughts are. As you all know, I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to trying beauty products and skincare that claim to “work wonders.”

For the beauty items I have tried, these are things that I use regularly and love. I’m usually more into skincare than cosmetics but my newest lip favorite I just had to include (thanks to a recommendation from a good blogger friend).

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For Face

The face roller trend – have you tried it?

This is one I’m skeptical about and haven’t tried. There seem to be a lot of face rollers out there claiming to help tighten or depuff skin and even reverse signs of aging. After reading this post from one of my favorite bloggers whom I trust, I might be giving this beauty trend a try. If anything, it looks like it feels good and relaxing. The ice roller would definitely be nice for headache relief. I’m debating between that one and the rose quartz roller.

For Eyes

Magnetic Lashes

I rely on my own lashes for everyday but I have always liked to apply false eyelashes for special occasions just to give my eyes a little extra pop. The thing I don’t like about traditional false eyelashes is the glue. I’m just not that coordinated I guess and find them to be incredibly messy. I ordered these magnetic lashes and have been practicing applying them before Vegas. So far I’m liking them better than the traditional glued lashes. It took me a few tries to get them just right, but I do like that I can shimmy them into place a little better than before. I’ll be wearing them throughout the weekend and will probably post an update on my Instagram stories for you.

For Lips

Maybelline Matte Stay Ink

I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not I really like a matte lip. I’m not one to wear a lot of lipstick but I do think it’s necessary when dressing up or going out. You know there’s going to be wine involved and I really don’t like seeing lipstick on glassware. There’s just something about it. My sweet friend Shelley of Shelley White Style recommended this matte lip color from Maybelline and I really love it. For a matte texture it’s not too drying or too dry looking. And it really stays on – for hours! I’m very impressed. It’s also under $10 so definitely a steal.

For Hair

Virtue Refresh Dry Shampoo and 6-in-1 Styler

Yes, I’m still talking these haircare producst from Virtue Labs but that’s only because they are THAT good. My washing routine is still going strong thanks to Virtue’s Refresh dry shampoo and I’m using Virtue’s 6-in-1 Styler more now that I’m using this curling wand just about every day. I love how light and non-sticky the dry shampoo is and the styler is keeping my ends and flyaways in check. Right now you can get 10% off when you sign up for Virtue’s email newsletter and get free shipping on orders over $60.

As always, thank you so much for reading and sharing!

XO – Erin

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